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The #1 most common frustration I hear from women all this time is:


Here’s what I mean…


There you are trying to lose weight but that food you really enjoy, that is NOT on your new food plan, is the very food you just can't stay away from.

So you search the blogs, the videos, facebook friends, and experts for advice.

But the “advice” you get is something like…

If you could just leave ice cream or cookies or pizza or whatever alone, THEN you would be successful.
In other words, you need to use willpower to just shut your mouth.

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s just BS.

Those people simply do not understand where cravings come from. And they certainly don’t know how to help you neutralize those cravings so that the cravings go away.

And yes, it really is possible.  

In this 3 week virtual course I will teach you the specific tools my clients use to "break up" with any food.

Never again be slave to your cravings... never again be a victim of your desire for food. 

And guess what!?

You don't need...

  • to develop the willpower of a nun
  • to hit the gym 36 hours per day
  • to "avoid temptation" by not going to restaurants, parties, or out with friends and family.


What works when it comes to cravings is not to "manage" the cravings, it's to neutralize the power they have over your life. 

Please understand...

This does NOT mean you can never eat those foods you love. 

It does mean you won't feel like you "have" to eat them. 

You will control the food, it won't control you. 

You'll easily and effortlessly be able to remove the emotional and physical charge around those foods you crave. 

From there, everything else you're trying to achieve gets easier.


Because, when you are no longer controlled by your cravings, the work you are putting in the gym begins to pay off... the calorie count busting binges just don't happen... your stress around food disappears (which means you're not producing all that fat-loving cortisol). 


If that's what you want, then the next step is simple...

How Does The 21-Day Craving Buster Challenge Work?

As a challenge participant, you'll get...

  • 3 Craving Buster trainings delivered by video in a private member's only area
  • Weekly group coaching call where you can ask questions, get live coaching on the techniques and ideas from the weekly training, and more
  • PRIVATE community group on Facebook where you can meet and mingle with others busting their cravings. 

Yes! If after completing the trainings and showing up for the coaching calls (live or recorded) you still feel like a slave or victim to your cravings, let us know and we'll give you access to another 21-day challenge for free. 

We do this because we know the program works. And, we also know that sometimes it can take going through the training more than once for things to "click". But once they do! 

Three lessons over three weeks along with step by step guides to walk you through precisely what to do to end your struggle with food cravings. 


"Quick testimonial re: food breakups. Just had late lunch/early supper with my husband at Village Inn (it’s the midwestern version of Denny’s or Perkins). I had a spinach and bacon omelette; the waitress brought a side of pancakes too, said that pancakes come with every omelette. This isn’t about the pancakes, or whether they are “good” or “bad”... This is to tell you that I can’t eat maple syrup and butter anymore thanks to working the process on my brown-sugar-and-butter issue. I mean I could NOT put a single bite in my mouth. This time it did make me feel a little queasy, just the thought of butter and syrup. Heck, that was my heroin, my best comfort of all!! And now? Blecccch. I have to emphasize that not once did it occur to me that “I can’t have that”. I COULD have it, if I’d wanted it. I just honestly didn’t want it. It wasn’t appealing."

LR - 52 year old Female
21-Day Challenge Participant

"I have struggled with food issues since I was a teenager. The extra fifteen pounds I carried back then seemed like a life sentence of being the “fat” friend that other girls secretly pity. I felt trapped; that sense of doom and sadness would drive me back to the pantry over and over again for decades. My “drug of choice” became the combination of butter and brown sugar. Pancakes, oatmeal, hot cereal, chocolate chip cookie dough… something about that blend of savory butter and sweet brown sugar was like a warm comforting hug. A hug I desperately wanted and convinced myself I deserved. Fast-forward thirty years and an additional hundred pounds… I could see that my emotions were driving my eating habits, but after trying and failing countless diets, I came to the conclusion that my emotions made me too weak to stick to a diet. Although I admit being skeptical at first, I began working with Tammy Marshall on objective examination of this and other beliefs about food. She has helped me discern truth I’d never seen before, and she has taught me methods to free myself from faulty thinking about food – and about me. Not long ago, Tammy and I worked specifically on the butter-and-brown-sugar combination. I can honestly say that I’m free of that particular desire today. It isn’t like the thought of it makes me sick, or that I feel like I’m “not supposed to have it”… actually I don’t feel anything about it one way or the other. It’s just food. By guiding me through specific processes, Tammy taught me how to neutralize certain beliefs and emotions I had unwittingly attached to food. I’m still a work in progress, but I have a new sense of peace and freedom… …which is what I’ve been craving all along. "

LM 52 year old female

"I just feel normal around food. I am not even trying; I think about it and I get busy doing other things. That isn’t how this used to go."

JA 48 year old female
Feel Normal

"Tammy, I’m not sure what you did but it has been three years since I ate peanut butter, pretzel bites."

AG 36 year old female
No More Peanut Butter

"I can just eat the candy bar or leave it alone; I don’t care either way. It is such a strange feeling to just not care"

RS 59 year old female
Take It or Leave It

"Tammy, your work is amazing to me. You listen and absorb the issue then the process just comes to you with a flow and grace that is both awesome and mesmerizing. You say you forget sessions, well I forget them too, because they flow from you so easily. Recording will be the top of my list for my next session. As to benefits, well, I can’t say enough and I’m not sure I can actually put the specifics into words. I feel better, I feel more aware and less disconnected. Part of that is the work but part of it is knowing that this a lifelong technique to be used any time of need, it’s not just a once and done experience. That gives me great confidence. And oh by the way, I have lost 15 lbs "

GS 53 year old female
Oh by the way...

"I began working with Tammy in an effort to get control of my eating habits and lose weight. I felt like that was all there was to it. However, her insightful approach has not only allowed me to lose weight but also made me aware of the issues that caused me to become overweight in the first place. Through this process I have been able to identify and "clear out" many thoughts that were not in my best interest and kept me from moving forward. Tammy has provided me with techniques, that I can continue working with on my own and continue my process. Not only have I been able to lose weight, I have gained insight into many thoughts and habits that were not serving me. Tammy has the ability to recognize what is at the heart of the matter and guide you through it. This process is dynamic and engaging. She continually challenges you to really look at things in a meaningful way and identify how you feel about a particular topic. She moves you from thinking to feeling which, for me, was an entirely new experience. In this way, I have been able to shift or release feelings that I did not think I could change, and although I would never say it was easy, it has been the most effective process I have ever tried. Tammy has always made herself available and is very reliable. I feel this time spent working with her has allowed me remarkable change in my life. It has been the best thing I have done for myself. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who would like to gain some perspective and make lasting changes in their lives."

KR 42 year old female
Clear out my thoughts

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