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Stress Expert and Emotional Eating Specialist

Hello, my name is Tammy Marshall, I just want you to know it is not your fault! The weight loss industry has duped you into thinking you have failed. I teach women how to take their power back from food, getting to the heart of the matter. Empowering you to create joy in your life around food, your self and God

About Me

The UnEmotional Eater program was created after my own experience of struggling with emotional eating. Often times in the recovery process people do what we call switch seats on the Titanic moving from alcohol, drugs to things such as food, shopping, busyness and the like. Out of my own journey of healing, studying, applying cutting edge science to the age old question, "why do I do what I don't want to do".


At EHI we know people need different ways of healing, learning, teaching so we have created programs to meet you where you are on the journey. We have created programs ranging from 4 day private, intensive, respites to group coaching. Learn more about the different programs we offer our clients that bring the joy they have been longing for in their lives.


I write, mostly video about what I have learned along the journey of creating a fun relationship with myself, food, God and the world around me.  Let's walk this out. 

"Tammy, your work is amazing to me. You listen and absorb the issue then the tapping script just comes to you with a flow and grace that is both awesome and mesmerizing. You say you forget sessions, well I forget them too, because they flow from you so easily. Recording will be the top of my list for my next session. As to benefits, well, I can’t say enough and I’m not sure I can actually put the specifics into words. I feel better, I feel more aware and less disconnected. Part of that is the work but part of it is knowing that this a lifelong technique to be used any time of need, it’s not just a once and done experience. That gives me great confidence. And oh by the way, I have lost 15 lbs. "

Amazing Work

"I was impressed with how my words were being “spoken back to me”. I felt as if somehow you had gotten inside me and were reading my own thoughts. You were able to cut through the layers and I felt calm, relaxed and peaceful. Amazing work. "


"Tammy I want to thank you so much for working with me on the issues that I have not been to get help otherwise. Your tapping sessions are so powerful in reformatting some painful memories of past. I really appreciate it and now those childhood memories do not cause me pain anymore. "

Childhood memories no longer painful

"Tammy is a very caring coach…. truly a game changer! Recommend highly. x0x "

Game Changer

"What I didn’t expect to happen was for my sex life to improve. When my anxiety decreased my relationship with my husband improved in ways I hadn’t even imagined. "

Sex life improved

"Working with Tammy just one time took me from panic attacks on the interstate when trying to pass semi-trucks to enjoying driving again. I am shocked how quickly and easily that changed."

Took away panic attacks

"Tammy’s gift for objective encouragement is unparalleled by any “self help” program or book. She has taught me to peel off layers of self deception and begin to accept myself as a beloved daughter of the King. There have been times when Tammy has called me out on things that I didn’t want to hear, but she did it in such a way that I felt supported and not judged. I just can’t speak highly enough of this woman’s impact on my life and my faith journey."

Peel off the layers of self deception

"Sherry This woman is amazing.I met Tammy about a year ago when I was going through a very tough time in my life, she reminded me of how great God really is and how he never turns his back on us. She knows her STUFF! I really don’t think I would be where I am today without this woman. She never gave up on me even at my weakest moments. She’s a tough women, when she needs to be and a very caring women at the same time! Its crazy how she always knew when I wasn’t telling the whole truth. She knew there was more I needed to say and when I did she knew just waiting on me to tell her!"

Tough and caring

"Tammy’s friendly professional approach was very helpful in getting me to think about food differently. I was skeptical at first thinking it would be ‘yet another approach’ to the same tired subject of ‘weight control’. But, I was amazed at how her counseling approach helped me to really see why I have developed a pattern of overeating dating back to when I would sneak cookies from a cookie jar as an 8 year old and then later in the Air Force trying to avoid the ‘fat boy’ program every year. The change in my eating patterns as a result are very encouraging in my quest to not allow food to be an idol in my life. I highly recommend you give Tammy the chance to help you."

Change in eating patterns

"I began working with Tammy in an effort to get control of my eating habits and loose weight. I felt like that was all there was to it. However, her insightful approach has not only allowed me to lose weight but also made me aware of the issues that caused me to become overweight in the first place. Through this process I have been able to identify and "clear out" many thoughts that were not in my best interest and kept me from moving forward. Tammy has provided me with techniques such as tapping and meditation, that I can continue working with on my own and continue my process. Not only have I been able to lose weight, I have gained insight into many thoughts and habits that were not serving me. Tammy has the ability to recognize what is at the heart of the matter and guide you through it. This process is dynamic and engaging. She continually challenges you to really look at things in a meaningful way and identify how you feel about a particular topic. She moves you from thinking to feeling which, for me, was an entirely new experience. In this way, I have been able to shift or release feelings that I did not think I could change, and although I would never say it was easy, it has been the most effective process I have ever tried. Tammy has always made herself available and is very reliable. I feel this time spent working with her has allowed me remarkable change in my life. It has been the best thing I have done for myself. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who would like to gain some perspective and make lasting changes in their lives. "

42 lbs down and counting

"I have struggled with food issues since I was a teenager. The extra fifteen pounds I carried back then seemed like a life sentence of being the “fat” friend that other girls secretly pity. I felt trapped; that sense of doom and sadness would drive me back to the pantry over and over again for decades. My “drug of choice” became the combination of butter and brown sugar. Pancakes, oatmeal, hot cereal, chocolate chip cookie dough… something about that blend of savory butter and sweet brown sugar was like a warm comforting hug. A hug I desperately wanted and convinced myself I deserved. Fast-forward thirty years and an additional hundred pounds… I could see that my emotions were driving my eating habits, but after trying and failing countless diets, I came to the conclusion that my emotions made me too weak to stick to a diet. Although I admit being skeptical at first, I began working with Tammy Marshall on objective examination of this and other beliefs about food. She has helped me discern truth I’d never seen before, and she has taught me methods to free myself from faulty thinking about food – and about me. Not long ago, Tammy and I worked specifically on the butter-and-brown-sugar combination. I can honestly say that I’m free of that particular desire today. It isn’t like the thought of it makes me sick, or that I feel like I’m “not supposed to have it”… actually I don’t feel anything about it one way or the other. It’s just food. By guiding me through specific processes, Tammy taught me how to neutralize certain beliefs and emotions I had unwittingly attached to food. I’m still a work in progress, but I have a new sense of peace and freedom… …which is what I’ve been craving all along. "

40 Year Food Obsession GONE


When trying to control food just isn't working.

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