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Episode 126 The Diary of an Emotional Eater: What Do You Want?

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2019
Episode 126 The Diary of an Emotional Eater: What Do You Want?

Good morning, my name is Tammy Marshall and I am The UnEmotional Eater. As I was flying from Phoenix to Los Angeles yesterday the topography of the land struck me. It was desert with pops of civilization dropped in. It was desert, brown, hot, hard looking. Realizing I live in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains where it is luscious and green with lots of water sources.

In my rich imagination, I began to think about the pioneers that left the east, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas and headed further west to the unknown. They left without knowing really where they were going before roads and without a compass using only their gut, the sun, the stars, the moon as their guide.

They typically left as a group. You wonder what compelled multiple families to leave the comfort of their extended family, their familiar, their current home to pursue the risk of the unknown.

It is interesting to me as you saw them leave by wagon train, they knew their chances of survival was greater if they went as a group. In a group they were able to pool their resources of supplies, horses, wagons, talents, wisdom and sheer strength.

As I was thinking about what to share with you today the thought of “what do you want” came up. That is one of the hardest questions I ask people when I first meet them. They typically stop and pause for a minute and really have to think about. Then there is usually a litany of what they DON’T want. That is most of us focus on actually, what we DON’T want not what we really DO want. And then we just end up getting more of what we don’t want because that is what we focus on.

Just like those pioneers, there has to be something that drives us out of our comfort zone that is so compelling that we are willing to take risks. The risks of the status quo. The risk of change. The risk of doing it wrong. The risk of failing and trying again. But wanting something so much we are willing to leave behind our old way of thinking to embark upon a new journey for a brighter future.

I don’t know about you but when it has come to health or weight my ability to stay the course has faltered. I tried to ride out into the unknown alone often times having too much pride to ask for help, thinking sometimes I know what to do, just do it. I am sure in the pioneer days there were folks that did that too. I’m sure a few made it through, but I would say survival rate, making it to the promised land was greater when in a group.

I wonder how many of the pioneers just turned around and went back home or got just a few miles from home and quit. I’ve done that more times than I care to think about. Tail tucked between my legs as I gained back the weight or losing to only gain back most of it. You wonder with the group that didn’t get far or turned around what they wanted, why they set out in the first place. Maybe their want or desire for different wasn’t strong enough, maybe it was harder than they imagined, maybe they didn’t trust the leader, maybe they weren’t a strong enough leader. You wonder what happened.

So I come back to the question what do you want. That is my question for you today. Not your list of what you don’t want but what do you want in your life? What do you want for your health? Make a list, seriously, take some time to think about and write. Get the pen and paper out and write.

Hey if you ever want to talk with me about what is going on with your relationship with food and want to make changes but don’t know how just send me a private message.

As always go love on somebody today. A kind word, a smile, open a door, pay for someone’s coffee, put their cart back, my personal challenge, let someone in traffic in front of you. Just say please and thank you for goodness sake but go love on someone today. But more importantly love on yourself. Not in a selfish, self-centered kind of way but in a kind, supportive one. Remember God said “love your neighbor as yourself”. Most of us don’t love ourselves. It shows in how we take care of ourselves. And for me it showed in how I interacted with others. I’d do anything for you, I was great in a crisis but wasn’t completely who I wanted to be in loving others.

Go have a blessed day!


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