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Episode 127 The Diary of an Emotional Eater: What your emotions and a car battery have in common

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2019

Episode 127 The Diary of an Emotional Eater: What your emotions and a car battery have in common

Hey, good morning. Okay, I know; it's evening where you are but it's morning where I am, because I'm in Bangkok. Can you all see? I've never seen so many skyscrapers in my entire life, it's crazy!

It's about 12 hours difference; so, it's already Wednesday here, when I think it's Tuesday evening probably, where you are, and that sun is still really crazy over here. It's kind of hard to get good lighting when you're in this kind of environment, but and I wanted to talk about - okay I'm going to take the glass off, because that reflection thing drives me a little nuts - but I wanted to talk about polarities and it's kind of like what do emotions and car batteries have in common. I'm so going to have to hang with me because I'm going to loop this around to emotional eating; because that's really what we talked about.

Oh, in case you didn't know me, my name's Tammy Marshall, The UnEmotional Eater. Okay that light is still really bad back there, hang on, I’ve got to get this light fixed because that's driving me crazy! Okay, that's not going to work - okay that's better.

Alright, so I've been studying, and when I got to the end of the whole emotional eating thing; what I really came to understand is we always think that we have a problem with food and so we're always trying to control food. Just feeling like if we're on the right diet, if we just eat the right foods, then we'll lose weight and of course if you're an emotional eater then the emotions get in the way and you go do what you do. Yeah, I went and did what I did, there is no judgment in that. I would go eat because that's how I solved all my problems, I just ate and numbed out.

What I really realized at the end of the day, was this was about learning how to manage emotions and changing my belief system. Changing my belief system about myself, about my emotions, about others even about God and also about food. I mean, we had just been lied to so much by the diet industry, but then we lie to ourselves about the power that food has over us; what we can actually do and not do. It's just all made-up stories. Anyway, sidebar.

So, let's talk about polarities. One of the things that was introduced to me, was this concept about polarities and the way it worked in my head was like a car battery. When you think about polarities there's north and south, there's east and west, there's up and down, there's black and white. There's always opposite going on in the world because it balances the system, even if it's skewed on one side, it still creates balance. So, what I realized is I had these polarities or beliefs about certain foods; actually, most foods on some level, I had beliefs about.

Let's take it back to the car battery. If you think about a car battery, if you have ever - my dad worked on aircraft, so he also worked on cars. You have a red and a black cable when you're jumping a car battery; the black cables the negative, the red is the positive - gosh I hope I said that right. So, if you jump a car battery, if you put just one of the clamps on there, it's not going to work; like just flowing the negative energy in or the positive energy, will not work. It requires both energies going in, in order to create what the car needs in order to start; because it creates a flow.

The same is true for us, I just didn't know it. Normally, what happens if you struggle with emotions, you get over angry, you're oversensitive, you're feel like over emotional in general and just feel out of control....

Then it means that you're too connected or you're very connected to one of the poles; if there's two poles because we're always in balance, we may be over here way charged on one of those poles. It's about being balanced within the both of them, so that the energy flows kind of like a river.

I live in the Smoky Mountains, so if you're hanging out by a riverbank, it's really cool, it's very calm, it's very peaceful. That’s kind of where we want to be, we want to be in that calm, peaceful and when we're in that space then we don't have to go overeat. When we're in that space then we're not having to use food to cope, because really at the end of the day that's what all this is about.

I think that's Jen I can't see you all know I don't have my glasses on. Don't tell anybody, I said that out loud, I'm not really sure when it happened, and I had to wear glasses all the time. Okay, hang on, I’ve got to take a drink. The coffee here's like really strong and I've had three cups, so I'm like hyped for days. Anyway, it's like seven o'clock in the morning here, so at least my schedule has gotten back on to some semblance of normalcy; I'm waking up at the right times now.

Back to my story about food, so two points; one of them was I realized that I had these out of balance charges around food. If you've ever heard me talk about donuts and one day like they entered the office building, like on the other side of the office and it was almost like you know some prince had entered with the trumpet, announcing itself; because I knew when they entered the building, because I had such a charge and such an attachment to them.

At the same time, what I realized is we also have a charge and an attachment to what I'm going to call healthy food or whole food. I don't tell anybody what to eat, but common sense will tell you that the closer that we eat food to how God made it, the better life's going to go. A lot of times we have charges around spinach or broccoli, or cauliflower and it may be because when you were five, your mom made you eat that and it was gross; but we don't update our data. The reality is our taste buds change over time. You get a completely new cell system every seven years; your taste buds change. Usually as you mature, you want vegetables and fruits.

What I created was a way to balance those two things, to take all that charge and angst, all that negative energy and belief out of whatever that food was; like donuts. Donuts was one of the foods that I had to work on and so I took it all out, everything that I believed and that I felt about the doughnuts. I also took all that I believed and all I felt about broccoli.

Now I didn't have any issues about broccoli, but it's like I merge those two things, so that neither of them really has a charge anymore. They're just okay, they're just food. How that ends up at the end of the day is there's a couple things; the more balanced I am in my emotions, the more balanced you are in your emotions, you don't have to go overeat. You don't have this need to just numb out and zone out with carb-laden, sugar-laden food. Bottom line, I actually like broccoli; who knew that you could roast that stuff in the oven and it's flipping amazing. Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, they're some of my favorite things to eat.

The other thing though, the really powerful thing to me is, I don't know, every three or four months, I go get a doughnut. A doughnut, not a dozen and not half a dozen, not two dozen, I don't have to completely devour a dozen and throw away the evidence before I get home. I can go have a donut and be satisfied and just move on with life. The other thing is, it doesn't freak out my system anymore. I was so convinced that it freaked me out and like wiped me out, that it actually did. As I changed my belief about food, then it also changed how I reacted and responded to food. That's been really interesting as well.

I just want to introduce you to the whole concept about polarities and this whole need to be able to balance them. If you have questions, there are several things that I have going on:

1. If you don't have my eBook send me a message with your email address or put your email address in the feed, and I'll send you the e-book. If you don't want everybody knowing your email just send me a private message and tell me you want the e-book.

2. I have a group coming up and I was going to start it the first week of August but all this travel is really messing me up, so it's going to be I think the second week in August. That's coming up; where I'm going to be teaching the basics for managing your emotions. That's the foundation of everything else that I do is built on, so if you want to talk to me about that and it does require a conversation, because I'm only going to have 10 people in that class. I want to make sure everybody gets what they need and I just want to see where you are. So, private message me I'll send you the link to get on my calendar.

3. I don't know what 3 is.

But if I hadn't told you today I love you and I always tell you go love on somebody. It's a big crazy world out there and people just need to know that there's goodness and kindness in the world. It's been really interesting being in Thailand; everybody's so polite. Even the drivers, which is so interesting to me, if you know anything about me and I can be a little aggressive in driving, just a hair. Everyone here, they let you in and the traffic is crazy and there's cars everywhere and there's motorcycles zipping in and out and you just go, oh my gosh, because everybody's driving really fast, but everybody's very polite. So, you don't see collision or at least I haven't yet. It's so interesting to me about just kindness and how everyone greets each other, and they bow and it's very respectful, so it's been very interesting to me being in a different culture.

So, go have a blessed day, go love on somebody and just know that you're loved. I'm going to tell you what Jesus - I got really reprimanded years ago - Jesus said to love God and to love others as ourselves and when I when I got to the end of the day I realized that I didn't love me and therefore I wasn't loving other as well. That's been the biggest thing, is learning how to love me; which is one of the things we're going to talk about in this class, because that's really what this is all about. It's about facing those things about ourselves that we just don't really like. Alright, I don't want to scare you or nothing, so anyway, have a blessed day, see ya!

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