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Episode 133. The Diary of an Emotional Eater: The Question of "Why?"

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2019

My name is Tammy Marshall and I'm the creator of The UnEmotional Eater Protocol.

I just want to talk about something; it's one of my heart breaks. I see women all the time and I've done it too, if you've heard anything about my story; this isn't something I read about in a book and thought it was a good idea. This is something that I've walked out. When people are emotional eaters, a lot of times they get caught up in why.

• Why do I eat like that?
• Why did I do that?
• Why did I eat that food again?
• Why did I fall off the wagon?
• Why, why, why, why, why, why?

It’s because the mind has this obsessive idea that it’s going to be able to figure that out and solve that problem. I just want to tell you, it's not logical. To try to solve it with logic, it's just futile. All you do is, you're just a dog chasing your tail, because you're trying to figure out why. It's not an ounce of logic.

If you've heard me tell the story before about the lady that was so attached to the peanut butter that's in the pretzel rolls. They're like little nugget size and crunchy. She had had gastric bypass, and had lost her weight, but she had to have these every day. When I met her, she had them in a measured bag; she's measuring them out every day, but she has to eat them every day. I asked her “Do you want to just have the power of choice, that you can either have them or not have them?” The next question is always “what's your connection with those did you eat them with anybody that you know about?” She said she didn’t remember any connection. I started doing the process on her and very quickly she said, “Oh my gosh! When I was a kid, after dinner my parents and I would sit and watch TV, we would eat peanut butter on saltines.” Ding-ding-ding! That's where the connection is.

It's an emotional connection, because when she eats and experiences the crunch and the peanut butter, she's experiencing the love and the connectivity to her parents. Also, she realized she’d completely forgotten about it until I took some of the charge off of it.

So, for you to sit, and me to sit and ask why, why, why, why, it's futile, because it's not logical. It was all an emotional connection and in doing the process, she was able to completely release that food to the point when I ran into her three or four years later, she just randomly goes, “Oh by the way, I've not had those ever again”. It caught me off guard. I said, “What? Again, she said, “Oh yeah, once we worked on those, they were gone.”

Literally, the day we worked on it I tested our work. Once we took all the connectivity -because you hold information in your system. You have what we call it TIES. You have thoughts, images, emotions or body sensations, attached to whatever the connection is. Whether it's an emotion, whether it's a food, no matter what's going on, there are these ties to it. It’s just about sorting those out, it is a systematic way of removing yourself from it and looking at it objectively. In that, we took the smell - her strongest connection was smell of the peanut butter. I took the smell out of the peanut butter and we actually tested it.
I asked her if she had any peanut butter we could use to test with. She had a brand new jar. She goes in the other room to get it. As she enters the room, she asks where is the smell?

We can smell it, there was another woman in the room with me. We could smell it across the room. The lady with the peanut butter in her hand, has the top off, with her nose in the freshly opened jar and can’t smell it. We had completely taken all the smell out of peanut butter, which is crazy. But it tells you how the mind works, and the fact that we have access to the mind. We are able to kind of move files around so that things don't matter in the same way anymore. I tell you all that, because I would just ask you to ask a higher question, than why.

We get so wrapped up in the why question and beat ourselves up and feel bad. Maybe it's just me, I won't talk about you, just me; when I was so wrapped up in the why question you're just trying to make sense of it. Trying to be logical with something illogical just brings up all this energy, emotion and frustration, just all this angst. The reality is, it's not going to solve the problem, it's not going to solve the problem at all.
So, I would ask you to ask a higher-level question about it, rather than being stuck on something that's just going to keep you in a spin. Starting to ask yourself:

• How do you feel about the peanut butter?
• What's the emotion about the peanut butter?
• What's the connection?

That's a better set of questions, because it is all about how I feel about it and what I believe about it. It has nothing to do with what's actually going on and once I understood that, then it shifted the field. It's not that you're weak willed, it's not that you are a bad person; there is programming that is going on underneath the surface. It doesn't matter what happens, that programming is going to play. Until you rewire, you are going to find yourself just running this pattern and being frustrated, when it's not your fault.

I hope that's helpful.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning and grabbed my phone, which I know I shouldn't do you. As I was looking at the things this poor girl said about herself in one of the Facebook streams, about the fact that she had fallen off the wagon again. It just wears me out when people say that, like there's a wagon for food. All the just horrible things that she was saying about herself. We have this idea that if we say all those things, that somehow, it's going to get us to act. It doesn't, it just sends us deeper into the hole. So, I would ask you to just be kind and gracious to yourself, because if beating yourself up was going to change your behavior, that would have already happened. So, the question becomes, more looking at your body:

• What do you need?
• What is it that I can give you?
• What do you need for support, so that you can eat in a healthy supportive way?

I'm not about diets, I'm about eating foods as close to how God made it as possible and getting rid of my connections to the fake chemical-laden foods. The processed foods are part of what's making us so sick.
I love you all. Go have a blessed day, it's raining here, and you know we need the rain, but I'm really kind of a sunshine girl. Go be kind of somebody today, it's a big crazy world out there, you all know that. There's just always something going on and people just need to know that there is love, good and kindness left in the world. So, go be that, but I would tell you to be that for you first. Say loving and kind things to yourself, about yourself in that internal dialogue.


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