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Episode 135. The Diary of an Emotional Eater: 108 Fun Things

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2019
Good morning. How are you? My name is Tammy Marshall and I’m the creator of The UnEmotional Eater Protocol, and I want to talk about 108 things.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always struggled with having fun like I grew up in a household that was really serious and much focused-on work. My dad had a poverty spirit, so it was all about work and striving. We didn’t do things like go on vacations. We were military, when you’re military it’s all focused on getting to go home. So, we would always spend our vacations going back to Tennessee.

It was different just having that work mindset which wasn’t bad but there wasn’t a lot of fun or play, my life always felt very serious. I had somebody challenge me the other day to write down 108 things that I enjoyed. It’s not always just about fun but things that I enjoyed genuinely enjoyed. I just want you to know, writing down 108 things is hard. The first 50 were okay but after that you really have to work.
What I realized in the process is there were things in my life that I really did enjoy that I was denying myself, and that’s part of the deal with food. We are not getting pleasure out of other parts of our life so we look for pleasure out of food. I don’t know about you but I kind of had a little bit too much food pleasure in my life and I needed to start getting the pleasure in my life in other ways.

New pleasure has meant going to some really cool concerts and traveling to the other side of the world this year. I was gone most of the summer traveling, which was fun, but has also meant wearing really cute clothes that I normally wouldn’t have worn. It has meant being at the lake more. I’ve always loved being at the lake because I really love the water. It’s meant doing a lot of things that I had forgotten brought me pleasure.

My challenge to you today is to make a list of 108 things, like seriously sit down and spend the time. It will take some time to come up with 108 things, so push yourself a little bit. I used to really like to color in a coloring book. Remember those things that you used to really enjoy.
I always tell you “go and love on somebody today, especially you”. It’s a big crazy world out there, people just need to know that there is love and kindness still in the world.

I would ask you to extend that love and kindness to yourself first, because you can only share with others what you have for yourself . So, go and love. Be kind to yourself as you look in the mirror, as you walk about, speak kindness over yourself. You and I have probably beat ourselves up enough and that hasn’t really worked so why don’t you try something else?

Open a door, say “thank you”, a smile, buy somebody’s coffee or put somebody’s shopping cart back. Do something to just go and love on somebody today even if they don’t deserve it, and especially if you don’t believe they deserve it love on them extra.



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