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The Courage of Showing UP!

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2019

I was checking in this morning in a coach accountability group that I'm apart of,  it is a great group where coaches support one another.  One of the coaches said her goal today was to show up.  She is coming back from having a baby and if you’ve ever been there you vacillate between wanting to snuggle all day and wanting your life back.  But my response struck my heart as to why I do what I do. 

 “We all have people that are counting on us to show up because it gives them the courage to show up. They have people counting on them too. One long line of each other grabbing a hand helping the other to the next level!”

 That was it!  I show up every day to help YOU show up in your best way because there are tons of people counting on you too!  

 I’m not sure about you but I have struggled at times to just show up.  Yeah, you saw my face but my heart… my heart was on the couch, or in the bed with the covers pulled over my head.  There are places where we find ourselves just going through the motions because we somehow feel disqualified

 Maybe it is about a job loss, a divorce, a bankruptcy, a death, a child that you aren’t sure what to do with, maybe it is even the weight you lost and regained, the list is endless.  But the desire to hide out, coast along, bob your head feels greater than the desire to fully show up. 

 Crap what if someone sees… They’ll know I don’t have it all together!

 My mentor said something today I hadn’t heard before or at least don’t remember hearing. 

 “The degree to which a person can grow is directly proportional to the amount of truth she can accept about herself without running away”.  Leland Val Van De Wall

 Truth bomb!

 And that is really why I didn’t want to show up.  There were things I just didn’t want to accept myself. Things I didn't want you to see or know about me. 

  • I didn’t want to accept my now ex-husband was less than what I believed about him. That he was actually detrimental to my succeeding in the world.  And what it would mean if I accepted the facts. 
  • I didn’t want to accept I was in menopause and I was going to need to do some things differently.
  • I didn’t want to accept my finances were in such a mess and that I didn’t have the energy to fix it.
  • I didn’t want to accept I had an issue with food (like since FOREVER), and I didn’t get to eat as I perceived others did.
  • I didn’t want to accept how angry I was all these years later, all the work that I had done, there was still such ugly in my heart.
  • I didn’t want to accept that I depression can come upon me and needs tending to.

 All those things…

 All those things we run away from, try to hide from, try to ignore to see if they will go away.  Yeah, I get it.  For years I ate at all that drama until that stopped working and I had to find a different solution.  One that actually worked and didn't create a new set of problems. 

 But what I realized this morning were other people showed up, put out their hand and pulled me up.  There were days it was a true trust walk.  I was standing pulling against them because there is this feeling that going back to the old place is somehow better than taking the risk into the unknown.  Thank goodness for patient, kind, strong women that stood there and loved me until I was willing to take even the smallest step forward. 

When I search my heart for why I coach, it is THAT.  For all those women that were a little ahead of me, pulling me kicking and screaming at times, forward.

Today I show up for me because my life is WAY more fun when I fully participate.  But I also show up for you because I’ve been on this trail a thousand times, I know where the awesome views are and together, we can get through the hard places so you can see them too! 


Have a blessed day today! 



Show up for yourself today, we all want to see your face!


Tammy Marshall is a dynamic and passionate Speaker, Writer and Christ Follower, Tammy works diligently to provide tools for her clients to experience emotional freedom from overeating and emotional upheaval.

At age 14 Tammy knew she was to help others “get out” but didn’t know exactly what that meant. But after overcoming her own addictions at age 25 and walking out the journey of emotional eating, co-dependency, etc. she began to work with others to “get out”. Today not only does she understand what it is it to get out of a damaging lifestyle, belief system, and mindset but has created a method to teach others. She is the creator of The UnEmotional Eater protocol.  She is a certified EFT and AAIT Practitioner utilizing leading edge technology to resolve suffering.  She is committed to shining the truth of God’s love into every lie planted in a person’s life to steal their identity and their joy.    

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