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Private ReTreat

Do you ever wish you could just run away for few days? Do you wish you could set the reset button on your body, your mind and your heart? Do you just need to recharge your batteries?

Sometimes we just need a respite. Life gets too complicated.

As women, we can easily put ourselves on the backburner feeling like we don’t need to worry about ourselves—we will take care of us later. The kids, the husband, the job, the dog, even the neighbor’s mail—everything else becomes more important and we find ourselves COMPLETELY depleted. Or maybe you just see yourself headed in that direction and you want to stop yourself from running to completely empty.

We emotionally despise it when we get to THAT place.

This is the place where we snap at people we love, we eat things we know are getting us further from our goal and make us feel lethargic, we feel completely cut off from God and we lose sight of what really matters to us as professionals, wives, mothers and as women in general.

Do you just need a physical, emotional, spiritual reboot? Do you need to charge your internal batteries? Then come let The UnEmotional Eater team of practitioners love and care for you for an incredible life changing re-boot and re-charge so you can re-emerge rested, balanced and whole.

The UnEmotional Eater team is now offering private 3-5 day retreats near my home in the majestic mountains of East Tennessee.

This respite includes:

  • 3-5 nights in a beautiful retreat center nestled in the majestic mountains in East Tennessee with privacy and tranquility galore.
  • Daily walks/hikes on sprawling 155 acres of private retreat to reconnect with nature and your own heart.
  • Succulent, organic meals prepared to nourish your body and your heart.
  • A Private Health Coach discovering your body’s proper nutrition along with fun cooking instruction for your lifestyle.
  • Incredible, relaxing massage for rejuvenating the body.
  • Exclusive one on one session with Tammy to remove limiting beliefs and re-set your thought patterns.
  • Re-Boot your body through massage, yoga, gentle exercise and incredible nourishment.
  • Re-Charge your relationship with God through worship, prayer, and nature.
  • Re-Emerge with a focused and clear vision of your purpose with a plan.

Each private retreat is custom created for your specific needs. There is a host of a la carte offerings to meet your particular needs to create the perfect respite experience. The cost of the retreat begins at $5,000, depending on the length of stay and requested inclusions.

For further details, schedule a discovery session so we can both determine if this is the best solution.



When trying to control food just isn't working.

Find out if you're an emotional eater.... 


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