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Private One on One

Tammy has a reputation for quickly creating change in her client’s lives. Sometimes they have a specific thing they need to work on or just want learn more about her work. If you are in interested in one on one sessions not a part of any specific program offering, then this is the place to connect. Learn More


The UnEmotional Private Program

The UnEmotional Eater is a program of change. I have found some clients like to work in groups but others like to work privately to better accommodate their schedules and to expedite their overall process. I limit working with one on one clients to 10 per year. Learn More


The UnEmotional Eater: ASK Better Questions Method

The UnEmotional Eater: ASK Better Questions  that begins the process of becoming a permanent UnEmotional Eater. This online class teaches you the basic lessons of how create the change so you eat what you want and weigh what you want. Learn more...


ReBoot Your Brain

I teach people how to take back their brain, their thoughts, and ultimately their lives.

ReBoot your Brain is a 6-week exclusive private program focused on what has you stuck and catapults you forward. 

To learn more click HERE


Private ReTreat

Do you just need a physical, emotional, spiritual reboot? Do you need to charge your internal batteries? Then come let The UnEmotional Eater team of practitioners love and care for you for an incredible life changing re-boot and re-charge so you can re-emerge rested, balanced and whole. Learn more...


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