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THE UNEMOTIONAL EATER: Ask Better Questions Method

What is the fuss all about being an UnEmotional Eater? If you are like me, I had tried every diet out there. The majority of them worked until I stopped working them. The excuses, or reasons that I stopped working them, varied. I said things like:

  • I am too busy to cook.
  • I don't know how to cook.
  • I am too tired.
  • I deserve this treat.
  • This one time won’t matter.
  • They don’t understand.
  • I am the exception.
  • It just doesn’t work with me.
  • I don't have time...
  • I can't stop.
  • I can't lose weight.
  • I'm different.
  • Any of those sound familiar?

The UnEmotional Eater program is about change at a deeper level. I know what it is like to white knuckle through a diet for a month, three months, or the max I was ever to maintain was nine. But the inevitable happened—my emotions would get the best of me and I would come screaming off the “diet” which felt more like deprivation, like a rocket ship headed to the moon. And every ounce of work I had just achieved was undone with additional pounds to boot.

The devastation is beyond words. Your friends have been bragging on you. You feel proud of yourself. You feel hot in those new clothes you have bought. You are so confident this time is different you have taken your old clothes to Salvation Army. But you flub it all, and then you are back to where you started and then some.

THE UNEMOTIONAL EATER OnLine Program: Ask Better Questions is a  program designed for the do it yourselfer (DIY) to help you begin the process of becoming an authentic UnEmotional Eater. As you go through this program, you will begin to change what you say to yourself:

  • The truth is, I feel energized when I eat nutritious, healthy food.
  • I feel strong and alive when I exercise.
  • I feel hot and sexy when I keep my promise to yourself.

This course teaches you the basic lessons of how create the change so you eat what you want and weigh what you want. From the inside out. It’s not a “diet” but a whole new way to look at how you look at food.

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When trying to control food just isn't working.

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